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We Cover an Array of Pest Control Services

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Whether you’re seeing ants inside or outside your home we can help.

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Whether Rodents are a new pest issue or an ongoing one we can help.

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Stinging Insects

From inspection to treatment and removal of hives we have you covered.

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General Pests

We have treatments for all crawling insects.

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Residential Pest Control

Whether you’re already battling an ongoing pest problem or just looking to protect your home from future infestations, we can offer you a solution!  We service for: Ants, Stinging insects, Rodents, Spiders, Roaches and other common household pests!

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Commercial Pest Control

Whether you’re dealing with a current infestation or aiming to prevent a future one a knowledgeable, reliable commercial pest control expert is a must and an asset to your business. Westshore is trained to deal with all types of commercial pest control problems.  

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NationalPestManagementAssociation certificate
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WESTSHORE pest control GCPMA cert
WESTSHORE pest control Illinois cert
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Westshore Pest Control


How Can We Help?


Having Ant issues is frustrating and can at times seem to arise overnight. Our treatment strategy starts by listening to you and getting an idea of what you’re seeing, where and how often. There are a few different species of ants that invade our homes in the Chicago area and the key to proper treatment is correct identification.

If you’re only seeing an occasional ant, it is probably a scout looking for food however, numerous ants especially over time is often a sign of an infestation.

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Our treatment plan typically consists of strategically placed bait which gets taken back to the colony and or an exterior treatment of a residual spray designed to create a barrier and protect your home for 3-4 months. 

Quick Tip:

If you are seeing ant mounds close to your home, especially along your homes exterior walls, it may mean you have an ant problem or might have soon. It’s important to note even if the mounds appear small they may be harboring hundreds or thousands of ants under the surface

pest control services, getting rid of ants

Stinging Insects

Paper Wasps, Yellow Jackets and Hornets:

These are in the Vespid family and are among the most aggressive of the stinging insects in our area.

Paper Wasps:

Their nests consist of a single comb of hexagonal cells made of a papery a substance they form by chewing wood and plant materials and mixing it with saliva, hence their name.  They will build their nests in any protected area or void, including around your home such as roof peaks, vents, trees and shrubbery and fence posts. Although the nests are small (75 Wasps or less) they can be very aggressive.

Yellow Jackets and Hornets:

Yellow jackets and hornets are notorious stingers and build their nests in trees, in the ground and n wall voids. Because much of their nests are hidden and not visible it’s impossible to know how large they are. Considering they are aggressive and will attack in large numbers it’s best to keep your distance and call a professional. 

Bald Faced Hornets:

A Bald faced hornets nest is egg shaped, grey and contains hexagonal combs for eggs and larvae. Their nests are built from tree branches, leaves and other vegetation. . The outside of the nest is covered with a gray paper-like substance which is created by the worker hornet chewing on naturally growing fibers.

Hornets are extremely aggressive. They like other vespid insects have the ability to sting again and again and they are tenacious enough to follow you and keep attacking. They often respond aggressively to the vibrations that loud sounds create such as a barking dog or a lawn mower.

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A thorough inspection and elimination of hives are key to stinging insect control. Why an inspection? We’ve found that if there is one hive there may be others nearby. We at Westshore have the proper training, protective gear and the right equipment to safely treat your stinging insect issue.

Quick Tip: 

If you are seeing random hornets, wasps or yellow jackets flying around the exterior of your home or outdoor structures but aren’t sure if there is a hive nearby you may want to sit quietly outside facing your house or structure and just watch carefully. You may be able to spot if and where they are entering. Dusk can be a good time to do this as they tend to come back to their nests at this time.

pest control services, getting rid of ants , bold faced hornet

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees look a lot like bumble bees and range from 3/4 to 1 inch. Carpenter Bees tunnel into wood creating a nest to lay their eggs creating a perfect size ½ inch hole as they do so. They rarely sting but can cause quite a bit of damage to your wooden structures including, deck posts and railing, pergolas, fascia, eaves, fencing and more. Carpenter bees do not eat the wood, as they excavate it to build their nests, so be on the lookout for piles of sawdust as well as the holes they create as these are signs you may have an infestation. 

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German cockroaches are by far the most common Cockroach found in and around our living spaces in the Chicago area. They are pale to medium brown in color and typically hang around kitchen and bathrooms although if a heavy infestation is being experienced they can be found throughout your home and office.

If they encounter ideal conditions a small problem can turn into an infestation very quickly. Which means by the time you see one or two there are often many more you’re not seeing.


We start with a thorough inspection to locate possible harborage areas and to gage the level of infestation you’re experiencing. We use a combination of baits, residual sprays and insecticide to treat. We may also use a treatment that prevents the adults from reproducing. The number of treatments needed depends on the level of infestation found.

How did I get Cockroaches?

These pests can hide in small spaces and often hitch rides in bags, boxes, used furniture, small electronics, luggage and other items that are brought into a home or business.  In multi-unit apartment buildings, they can easily move between units, using the shared plumbing and pipes as pathway. Contrary to popular belief unsanitary areas do not cause cockroaches however it can lead to a small problem becoming an infestation because they have and ample food supply.


If you are a home owner the threat of mice invading your home is as common as drain clogs or broken appliances, it’s not if you’ll get mice it’s when. Mice bring disease, chew wiring, cause structural damage, get into pantry food and more. It’s tempting to think a few traps will take care of the problem but the truth is it can be more involved and hiring a professional will liken the chance you’ll get rid of the problem for good.

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Our mice service starts with a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home to look for any small rodent point entries and sealing those for you. We do this because if the entry points aren’t addressed the issue will just be an ongoing one.

We understand how mice operate and can develop a unique solution to eliminate the problem, and remove the infestation from your home. We carefully inspect your home to find where mice are nesting and where they’re finding their food sources. We then strategically place traps and other elimination devices in active areas to take care of any mice already in the home.

Quick Tip:

Keep all food sealed tightly or in glass, hard plastic containers with lids or metal containers. Don’t forget your pet food, don’t leave bowls of food down especially when you’ve had mouse issues in the past. You may want to buy a large container to store your dog food, mice will eat into the bag and use it as a food source.

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The presence of Spiders is a fairly normal part of home ownership. They have so many ways of finding their way into your home such as chimneys, through plumbing, under doors, in small gaps, crevices and more. The presence of a few spiders is normal and even with pest management unavoidable but if you find yourself well beyond your comfort level it may be time to look at a few things. Are you getting an abundance of insects in the house beyond spiders? Are you noticing a constant rotation of webs?


Spiders mainly eat insects and getting rid of their food supply can go a long way in cutting down on the number of spiders you encounter in your home and we can help with that. De-webbing is another option whether inside or outside your home or both, if they have to constantly rebuild their webs they may choose to go and not come back. We have the experience and equipment to de-web your home.

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Westshore Pest Control

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How Are We Different?

We Take Our Time

We believe in taking the time to do pest control the right way. We don't rush through the inspection process or treat you like our "next stop." We prefer taking the time to understand your unique pest control needs.

Open Communication & Complete Transparency

We believe in building a relationship with you and explaining your treatment plan after a thorough inspection. We like to take the team approach if you understand what we’re doing and why you will feel more comfortable. In other words, we treat you like we’d like to be treated.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

We don’t believe in contracts and if something is going to cost more then we’ve estimated we let you know right away.

Accurate Identification

Coming up with the most effective treatment plan comes down to proper identification. After years in the business we are able to identify pests in the field. On the rare occasion we’re not sure on exact species our entomologist is on hand to assist.

There is something to be said about independently owned businesses – they take great pride and care in their service. Not only was Westshore extremely thorough in their inspection but their calm demeanor basically talked me off the ledge when I thought my bug situation was turning my life upside-down. They personally took my call and followed up with me too, which I really appreciated. This guy knows his bugs – now if I see any little critter or creature in my home, I can rest easy knowing Westshore Pest Control will take good care of the issue. When you’re stressing about insects, bugs or pests, this is the guy you want in your corner!

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Do I have to leave my home open when you perform services?

In most situations, it will not be necessary to leave your home. Our treatment plans are made in consideration of your family and pets. If it becomes necessary for you to be out of your home during a treatment, this will be arranged in advance for your convenience.

What should I expect after treatment?

If we’ve treated for ants or cockroaches often, after our first treatment visit it is common to see more bugs than usual. This typically occurs because we have disrupted their habitat, disrupted their food supply, or they are all gathering around and traveling to the bait we’ve used and that’s a good thing. After this initial spike in activity, you should begin to notice a decrease. If we’ve treated for stinging insects you may see a few of them flying around the areas we treated and removed a hive that should subside in 3 days or so.

Why do your services often focus on the outside of my home?

Our services are designed to stop pests before they get in your home! We create a barrier around the perimeter of your home to decrease a pest’s ability to gain entry. If pests do gain access we have treatment methods that will effectively eliminate them.

What is your cancellation policy?

Whether you are a commercial client or a residential you can cancel anytime just let us know before your next treatment. We work with service agreements, not contracts. The service agreement does not bind or obligate you rather if makes clear the intentions of our service.

How much will this cost?

This is probably the question asked most often and a fair question. We have some set guidelines on pricing and will give you an idea over the phone on pricing. Every so often we come upon something that will change the pricing once we get to your residence or business, if this happens you are told upfront before work begins so you can make an informed decision.

What can I expect? Reduction or Elimination?

Regardless of what you may have heard or been told, elimination is very unlikely. If you’re a homeowner you’re going to see pests from time to time. For best results and peace of mind, we recommend a Quarterly service. This will go a long way in eliminating the issue and cost you less in the long run. If you’re getting hives frequently on your structures, we can do a preventative treatment that discourages them from building their hives. For spiders, we have several treatment plans designed to greatly reduce the number of spiders you see indoors.

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